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April 15, 2024
GreentvAfrica News

About Us


In 2018, GreentvAfrica Media Limited was born. We worked tirelessly to establish a platform that would provide balanced coverage of news and 1events to showcase the beauty and resilience of the continent of Africa.

In August 2022, GreentvAfrica Media Limited was officially registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 2020 in Nigeria, with the aim to give a voice to the voiceless and highlight stories that often went unnoticed.

The Company’s core passion is to gather news and events, especially news and events related to Environment, Agriculture, and Health.

GreentvAfrica Media Limited also engage in Public Relations. We manage the reputation and image of our clients through media and communication, also build and maintain clients to gain public understanding.


Babatunde Odukoya
CEO, GreentvAfica Media Limited

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