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May 20, 2024
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Climate Change: Mbah Sees Answers in Locally Developed Innovations

The co-founder and Executive Director at Climate Action Africa (CAA), Ms Grace Oluchi Mbah, has made a strong case for investments in localised innovative solutions to the climate crisis, emphasising that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

At a media sensitisation in Lagos on Friday ahead of the Climate Action Africa Forum (CAAF24) scheduled for June 19-20, 2024, in Lagos, Ms Mbah stressed that urgent steps must be taken to address Nigeria’s climate issues.

According to her, a more impactful and inclusive approach must be used to tackle the country’s pressing climate challenges, especially with Nigeria facing significant vulnerability to rising temperatures, erratic weather patterns, and environmental degradation.

“This year’s February was the hottest, same was March, and it is certain that April will not be different,” she said at the event, noting that things may worsen in the coming years.

She informed newsmen that her organisation intends to use the forthcoming programme to enlighten policymakers and investors on the need to support innovators, who should develop products that will solve the peculiar climate challenges of the nation.

Ms Mbah noted that the event would introduce the Deal Room, a dynamic marketplace connecting Africa’s brightest innovators with forward-thinking investors to accelerate impactful deals for climate action and sustainable development.

Following the conference, CAA will partner with Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute, the world’s largest startup accelerator, to provide ongoing support to African innovators in a post-accelerator programme.

“CAAF24 provides a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, collaborative problem-solving, and forging strategic partnerships,” she stated.

“By working together, we can ensure that Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, emerges as a leader in building a sustainable and climate-resilient future,” she added, noting that the private sector has a significant role to play in the climate action discussions, though with good and favourable government policies.

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