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June 16, 2024
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MAJI Calls for Open-Source Tech to Address Nigeria’s Environmental Challenges

As the world marks 2024 World Environment Day, the Media Awareness and Justice Initiative, MAJI, has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to embrace technological solutions in curbing numerous challenges that have hindered a healthy environment for sustainable development in the country.

Furthermore, MAJI stated that the lack of adequate data collection and evidence-based interventions has continued to contribute to the growing effects of climate change.

It cited the rising cases of coastal community flooding in the south, and increased desertification in the northern parts of Nigeria as examples.

In a statement issued to commemorate the 2024 World Environment Day, the group said that Nigeria is one of the countries of the global south carrying the biggest impacts of land and water degradation from constant oil spills due to oil exploration and extraction.

Also, it noted, the northern part of the country experiences mining impacts and desertification.

Recall that the 2024 World Environment Day theme is ‘Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience’.

Governments and millions of people are using the occasion to raise awareness and promote environmental conservation.

According to Executive Director of MAJI, Onyekachi Okoro, “The Federal government of Nigeria has to make specific efforts to firstly document environmental data in a sustainable and effective manner.

“This data will be strategic in the analysis which will provide the platform for evidence-based intervention, and data-oriented engagements at all levels of governance.

“Over the years, governments’ efforts and environmental policies have thus far been deficient and have failed to materialise into effective and sustainable solutions which will contribute to addressing the growing impacts of climate change.

“These effects have been seen in increased conflicts between farmers and herders in the Northern parts of Nigeria, and flooding in the coastal regions of Nigeria.

“These have affected rural livelihood, traditional cultures, and way of life.

“Today, government at all levels, the private sector, and Civil Society Organisations must collaborate to adopt and use open-sourced technological based solutions in documenting the levels of impact and thus, tackling the impacts of climate change and its ecological effects on the Nigerian Populace.

“MAJI believes that technological-based approaches for climate change resilience will greatly contribute to tangible and real-life solutions in solving critical challenges that are currently plunging the environmental crisis in Nigeria.”

The Media Awareness and Justice Initiative, MAJI, is a youth-oriented, environmental, and governance organisation that uses technology, open-source media, and interactive media platforms to promote and empower local and urban-poor communities and disenfranchised groups in Nigeria.

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