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Nigeria First SGEL Chinese Wushu Performance Championship: Final Stage To Begin.

After two thrilling stages of Wushu KungFu Performances, the event to crown the future stars of Wushu KungFu in Nigeria is at last stage of the competition, as the anticipated final draw closer.

The outstanding performance of the contestants invigorate the competition, as contestants demonstrated sensational abilities, these include hand techniques, leg techniques, jumps, sweeps, stances and footwork, seizing, throwing and balances both in the senior and junior categories.

The Nigeria First SGEL Chinese Wushu Performance Championship is important to the development of KungFu in Nigeria, the championship brings together contestants from all styles, clubs and associations, and a star of 1million naira is to be won at the senior category and 700 thousands naira at the junior category.

The Chairman of the Chinese Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Association and Huaxing Arts Troupe Nigeria, Dr Eric Ni, said
“Our goal for this competition is to ensure that youths in Nigeria channel their energy positively and to be more competitive with the rest world.”

The competition is judged by highly respected Wushu practitioners from China, Nigeria and other Africa Countries, as the competition was broadcasted on national television, radio and also stream online and across all social media platforms, with the inclusion of viewers vote on http://huaxingwushu.Sgelbuilding.Com
http://ncwspc-ng.com which helps contestants gather points to move forward, and also give viewers the chance of winning cash prizes and recharged cards whenever they vote for their favourite contestants.

Wushu KungFu routine comprises of a continuously connected set of pre-determined techniques choreographed according to certain principles and philosophies to incorporate stylistic principles of attack and defense.

The Nigeria First SGEL Chinese Wushu Performance Championship is an initiative of the
Wushu Development Association of Nigeria and Huaxing Arts Troupe Nigeria, with the support of Nigerian Wushu Kung Fu Federation and Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos and the assistant of all Chinese Communities and individuals.

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