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Nigeria First SGEL Chinese Wushu Performance Championship: The Road to the Final.

The much awaited final of the the Nigeria First SGEL Chinese Wushu Performance Championship is around the corner.

The Championship begins with open registration on Saturday July 31, 2021, as all Wushu associations, clubs and academy’s all over Nigeria, sent over 170 video performance of thier contestants to the organizers, who then screened the contestants to 72, consisting of 48 senior and 24 junior categories of both male and female.

At the end of two thrilling stages of Wushu KungFu Performances, 16 contestants in the junior category and 20 contestants in the senior category made the final lists of the competition, the 36 contestants in all went through wonderful performances.

The competition is instituted in a way of harnessing and promoting the human creative and imaginative potentials of the Nigeria youths.

The outstanding performance of the contestants invigorated the competition, as contestants demonstrated sensational abilities, which included hand techniques, leg techniques, jumps, sweeps, stances and footwork, seizing, throwing and balances, both in the senior and junior categories.

Selection of winners in different categories and stages were done by Known practitioners in the Wushu Federation from both China, Nigeria and some other Africa countries, while viewers played a magnificent role in picking the winners through voting for the contestants of the choice on the championship website.

Raffle draw were also conducted for viewers who took part in the voting on the championship website and 10 lucky winners won 50 thousand naira each at the first phase of the computerized raffle draw.

The Final Performances and Awards is scheduled for Saturday 18th September, 2021 at Oriental hotel Lagos, the last phase of raffle draw will take place live, while another 10 winners will get to win 50 thousand naira each.

Speaking on the road to the final, the Chairman of the Chinese Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Association and Huaxing Arts Troupe Nigeria, Chief Dr. Eric Ni, said, “We will be making champions that will now or in future represent Nigeria in any international championship.”

The star prizes 1million Naira for the gold medalist, and 700 thousand Naira for silver medalist and 500 thousand Naira for the bronze medalist in the senior category, also in the junior category, 700 thousand Naira for the gold medalist, 500 thousand Naira for silver medalist and 300 thousand Naira.

Wushu, or Kung Fu, is a general term for Chinese martial arts. Wushu actually means martial arts in Chinese: Wu means military or martial, and Shu means art. The sport of wushu was developed from Chinese martial arts, the goal was to standardize the practice of traditional martial arts.

Wushu is also a combination of performance elements and martial arts. Wushu focuses on striking, grappling, throwing, quickness, explosive power, and relaxed movement. Contemporary Wushu consist a lot of Chinese martial art styles

The Nigeria First SGEL Chinese Wushu Performance Championship is an initiative of the
Wushu Development Association of Nigeria and Huaxing Arts Troupe Nigeria, with the support of Nigerian Wushu Kung Fu Federation and Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos and the assistant of all Chinese Companies and individuals.

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