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April 19, 2024
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Right Solutions For Food, Ahead Of UN Food Systems Summit.

The upcoming UN Food Systems Summit will address how to become more sustainable consumers, by shifting to approaches such as nature positive production, which promotes equitable livelihoods and is resilient against stress factors like climate change and extreme weather events.

The way we produce and consume food continues to take a toll on nature, our food system is responsible for up to one third of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and for as much as 80% of the biodiversity loss on our planet.

By now, governments, scientists and civil society all agree that food systems and forests must play a key role in solving the climate, economic and health crises plaguing our world today.

The key roles that scientists should take to accelerate the transformation to healthier, more sustainable, equitable and resilient food systems, end hunger and improve diets, de-risk food systems, protect equality and rights, boost bioscience, protect resources, sustain aquatic foods, and harness digital technology.

The global food system needs a revamp and science is one lens for making sure that changes are integrated and collectively deliver better outcomes. The UN Food Systems Summit is a great opportunity to harness science and technology to improve nutrition, safeguard the environment, and focus on move into setting actions and targets.

The Summit should implement to achieve these priorities which reflect the Scientific Group’s evidence base, comprising more than 50 reports and brief, also boost finance, increase scientific capacity, and strengthen science-policy interfaces.

By bringing science to the table, food systems will transform and the UN Sustainable Development Goals would be achieved.

Having better data and better access to information can help make better decisions and keep track of the progress, so as to transform the food systems, in order to get evidence for the right solutions.

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