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May 20, 2024
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Uganda: Museveni launches National Patriotism Environmental Protection Campaign

Uganda President Museveni has launched the National Patriotism Environmental Protection campaign, aiming to promote environmental conservation and patriotism throughout the country.

The launch of the campaign took place at Kitebi Secondary School in Rubaga Division, Kampala.

During the launch, President Museveni emphasised the importance of protecting wetlands, lakeshores, and river banks, stating that those who encroach upon these areas are acting against the interests of the nation.

It pleases me to see a strong effort being made to remove people from wetlands. We have already instructed them to vacate these areas. While the British misled the people in Bukedi, Kigezi, and Busoga, those in other regions have no valid reason for encroaching on wetlands. However, we will compensate those in Bukedi, Busoga, and Kigezi to ensure they leave natural resources,” urged the President.”

The First Lady, Maama Janet Museveni, who also serves as the Minister of Education and Sports, emphasized that the National Patriotism Environmental Protection Campaign contributes to the NRM government’s efforts to raise awareness about combating global warming on a global scale.

She said: “I commend the NRM government for establishing this national program, which is led by the National Secretariat for Patriotism under the leadership of Commander Seku. The secretariat has been instrumental in promoting patriotism in our schools, enabling young people to embrace love for their country. Creating awareness and instilling patriotism in our youth is crucial for fostering unity, preserving our national identity, and inspiring the young generation to contribute to our country’s development and leave a lasting legacy.”

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