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April 15, 2024
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Bucknor Estate: Residents lament flooding, lack of drainage

As the rainy season gradually approaches, and with the recent downpour, the residents of Bucknor Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos, are panicking over impending flooding in the area.

In October 2023, some houses were demolished by the state government. The purpose, according to the government, was to create a drainage system in the area to ensure that all the water be channelled through the drainage straight to the canal, which is situated after the Fasheun Link Bridge.

It was realised that the spaces allocated for drainage, according to the plan, already had houses built on them. This was as a result of poor planning, as the land speculators were quick to sell lands to buyers, including the spaces reserved for drainages, as mapped out in the masterplan.

However, the houses erected on those spaces were pulled down after the state government issued a Notice Letter to their respective occupant. But, since then, nothing has been done till date. The drainage system is yet to be constructed. Unfortunately, due to the recent heavy rainfall,  the empty land space now serves as a channel for flooding.

These spaces have caused a free-flow of water, thereby leading to serious flooding on the streets, making it difficult for the residents to go to work. Their children could not go school.

For streets such as Babatunde Shogbesan, KC Emmanuel, Ase, and Esther Ibekwe, it was really devastating, as both the streets and houses were flooded.

Residents of these flooded homes now experience skin infections, and other health challenges, especially among the children. Also reptiles could be found in the dirty stagnant water.

A resident of Babatunde Shogbesan Street, Priscilla O., said: “I am pleading with the government to hasten with the drainage project, so as to avoid more hazards. The project has been abandoned since October last year, and we are gradually going into the rainy season. If this issue is not attended to, it could be catastrophic.”

Another resident, who pleaded anonymity, said:” With the open land space, the volume of water coming to the streets is alarming. It could pull down fences. Please, the government should come to our aid, and see to it that this drainage is completed with immediate effect”

A land lord, Toby Amaole, said: “The government has already initiated the first phase of the project. It should, plese, complete it.”


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