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May 20, 2024
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Extreme Weather hits Indian Farmers, seeks natural farming.

India Southern State, Andhra Pradesh, has become a positive example of the benefits of natural farming, a process of using organic matter as fertilizers and pesticides that makes crops more resilient to bad weather.

Pungent odor on Ratna Raju’s farm, which he says is protecting his crops from the unpredictable and extreme weather that’s become more frequent with human-caused climate change.

The smell from a concoction of cow urine, an unrefined sugar known as jaggery, and other organic materials that act as fertilizers, pesticides and bad weather barriers for his corn, rice, leafy greens and other vegetables on his farm in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh State.

The region is frequently hit by cyclones and extreme heat, and farmers say that so-called natural farming protects their crops because the soil can hold more water, and their more robust roots help the plants withstand strong winds.

The state has become a positive example of the benefits of natural farming, and advocates say active government support is the primary driver for the state’s success.

Experts say these methods should be expanded across India’s vast agricultural lands as climate change and decreasing profits have led to multiple farmers’ protests this year.

But fledgling government support across the country for these methods means most farmers still use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, making them more vulnerable when extreme weather hits.

Many farmers are calling for greater federal and state investment to help farms switch to more climate change-proof practices.

Source: AP

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