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July 25, 2024
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Lagos gains a tech hub for innovation, launched by female engineers.

The Association of Professional Women Engineers (APWEN) Lagos Chapter has launched a new resource, technology, and innovation hub. It is a big step for helping female engineers in Nigeria.

The new hub is named after Ife Oyedele Resource, the President of the UNILAG Alumni Association Worldwide and the Executive Director (Network) of Niger Delta Power Holding Company. And is a sign of their want to make a place for getting ideas and making new things.

The hub, located at the University of Lagos, was made possible through the donation of a 200-capacity hall by the Faculty of Engineering. It comprises of new tools and things for work and a way for women to build their skills in engineering, study and make a job in STEM fields.

This shows the group wants to help women grow in their jobs. They also want to push for more jobs and make places where any kind of people can work.

The new Chairman, Mrs. Owolabi, has big plans for helping the hub do well. She wants to help them learn a lot and work with others for their success. This lines up with a big plan for making the world a better place.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu who was represented by his Chief of Staff, Tayo Ayinde, expressed confidence in the leadership of APWEN in Lagos and pledged the state government’s support in uplifting women engineers.

In a lecture, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ashiru highlighted the importance of empowering women economically and creating inclusive workplaces in the engineering field.

It’s key to help more women in this field to make it do well and grow as time goes on. The new place will help a lot of people find a way to grow and do new things. We need to help and lift women engineers so they can do well now and in the time to come.

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