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May 20, 2024
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TikTok to Launch New Instagram-Like App

A new app likely called TikTok Notes is coming that will allow users to share images and sync existing ones from TikTok.

Popular social media app TikTok, plans to release a new photo-sharing app called TikTok Notes “soon.” That’s according to multiple TikTok users who received an in-app pop-up message telling them that their current and future photo posts on TikTok will soon be added to TikTok Notes.

The message has a slider button that allows users to opt-out of syncing existing and future TikTok photo posts to the new app.

News of TikTok’s foray into a dedicated photos app was previously leaked last month. The leaks had suggested the app might be called TikTok Photos, and showed a logo in the style of TikTok’s original that consists of a red “P” and another cyan mark. The leaks also revealed that TikTok would sync users’ photos to its new app, and they would have to opt-out as opposed to opt-in to their posted photos being shared to the new platform.

TikTok confirmed to TechCrunch Monday that it is launching a new app for photos, but didn’t address whether the company has landed on calling it TikTok Photos, TikTok Notes, or something else. Given the publicly shared pop-up message, however, it’s likely it will be called TikTok Notes.

“As part of our continued commitment to innovating the TikTok experience, we’re exploring ways to empower our community to create and share their creativity with photos and text in a dedicated space for those formats,” a TikTok representative told the outlet in a statement.

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